Installed capacity to 20.05.2019
Photovoltaic PP up to 30kWp 3,690.56 kW
Photovoltaic PP up to 5MWp 682,719.53 kW
Photovoltaic PP over 5MWp 133,331.32 kW
Wind PP up to 5MW 234,305.00 kW
Wind PP over 5MW 320,500.00 kW
Biomass PP up to 5MW 4,308.00 kW
Biomass PP over 5MW 0 kW
Hydro PP up to 200kW 3,859.40 kW
Hydro PP over 200kW 1,904,431.00 kW
Cogeneration PP 12,330.00 kW
Geothermal PP 0 kW
Other 0 kW
Total RES 3,299,474.80 kW